Buying a Property

We understand that buying a property can be daunting.  When you engage FAST Settlements, we will help you every step of the way. 


You may wish to contact a Licensed Settlement Agent (Conveyancer) prior to entering into a contract to purchase a property.  They will have your best interests and will support you to navigate your way through this process. 

Things to consider to be included in your offer and that the Contract meets your needs, including: 

An appropriate settlement date for you.  Do you want to settle on a particular date, or time?  Are there any circumstances such as FIFO worker, going on holiday, or reasons that you are not available during the course of settlement. Take these things into consideration when calculating the settlement date that works for you. Remember to include any conditions that you feel important. Include items that you expect to stay with the property, if it appears to be a grey area. I.e. TV brackets, speakers on walls with stereo system. 

1st Step

Once you’ve signed the Offer & Acceptance Contract and it has been accepted by the Seller, your Real Estate Agent will forward a copy to us so that we can prepare the initial paperwork. 

At this point, your Conveyancer will be in touch with you to discuss the pertinent dates of your Contract and any factors which may affect signing and preparing for settlement in a timely manner, i.e. holidays or work commitments.  

It’s important to ensure that any conditions such as finance or inspections (termite, building etc.) are completed by the due dates specified on the Contract.  If you require an extension of time to complete any conditions, contact the Agent immediately to arrange an extension of time. 

To ensure that your settlement progresses smoothly, you should also ensure that all of your bank and settlement paperwork is signed and returned promptly.   

2nd Step


All buyers in Western Australia are required to be identified by their Conveyancer prior to settlement. A combination of ID documents, such as your current Driver’s Licence, Passport, Birth Certificate and Medicare Cardshould be provided to our office to assist with this requirement. 

How to verify your identity 

We offer three options for you to complete your identification: 

  • Come into our office. 
  • Go to your local Australia Post outlet.  Before you go to the post office, get in touch with your Conveyancer so they can send you the necessary form, with our unique barcode to ensure that your ID reaches us safely.  Australia Post charges per person to verify your identity.* 

If these options are not convenient, please contact us to discuss alternate arrangements. 

If you don’t have a current Passport, current Driver’s Licence or Birth Certificate, advise your Conveyancer as soon as possible so that alternative arrangements can be made to complete your identification. 

We cannot proceed to settlement until you have been successfully identified, so failure to provide sufficient ID documents may cause a delay with your settlement. 

Storing your documents 

We also store copies of your settlement documentation for a minimum of seven years after settlement. 

3rd Step

This step is mainly from your side.  You will need to ensure that you sign all documentation provided by this office and return promptly.  You will also need to contact your bank/finance broker to sign your mortgage document for the bank to provide the funding.   

The bank may also require a copy of your Identification as they must ID you as well.  We cannot share ID to a third party. 

Please ensure that you make arrangements for the property to be insured from settlement date and provide a copy of the insurance policy to your bank as soon as possible. 

If the bank has any other requirements, please ensure that attend to these, to ensure there are no unnecessary delays. 

We will behind the scenes, making enquires on your behalf and update along the way to ensure that we are all working towards the same goal, your new home! 

4th Step


Contact your Real Estate Agent a few days prior to settlement to arrange for a final inspection of the property. 

When settlement date has been established, please liaise with your Agent to arrange for the formal handing over of the keys and your possession of the property when settlement has been completed. 

5th Step

We also store copies of your settlement documentation for a minimum of seven years after settlement.

If you need a copy of any paperwork (such as Settlement Statements for tax purposes), give us a call and we’ll endeavour to provide you with a copy within 24 hours.