Conveyancing Fees Perth Explained


When you buy or sell and form of real estate from a unit, villa, land or property, you will need to appoint a settlement agent to act for you.  It’s extremely important to find the right fit for you.  You may likely speak to a few settlement agents to compare their conveyancing fees in Perth, Western Australia.  It’s so important to find the best firm for the job.  We would not recommend allowing the price to forms part of your overall decision.  Because when you break it down, there may be more fees than you realise!    In addition to the settlement fees, there will be government fees for searches and enquiries, rates information and the list goes on.   Some banks will charge a fee for attending settlement in additional to the required registration fee for the Discharge or new mortgage, depending on whether you are buying or selling.  With the electronic settlement platform, there is a fee for service.  Together with office disbursements, these are the additional costs, you need to ensure is explained and covered in your quote, so that you may make an informed decision.  There may be unusual costs, such as strata levies search, preparation of the Contract for a private sale, to the application for a lost title.  All these costs add up. We at Fast Settlements pride ourselves on ensuring that you are aware, right from the start of the settlement process of the cost for your conveyance including any stamp duty if purchasing.

Buying and selling a business is a whole different ball game.  Depending on type of business, will depend on the searches and enquiries required.  Contact us for a detailed quote.

Let’s decipher this in common terms, and explain what this mean for you:  Do not be afraid to ask the direct question, what will it cost for your office to act as my settlement agent, all costs not just the professional fee.   We invite you to contact us about your next settlement. 

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